Firefox and Chrome dark mode

I found many bad links about how to get dark mode in Firefox.

The best way to make Firefox itself dark, is to open developer tools > hit the gear button and select the dark theme.

To increase the font size within, just press Ctrl and "+" button.

The Ctrl method increases the font size in Chrome as well.

If you want to get a dark mode chrome,  click on the ... (vertical) at top right corner of the developer tools >  settings > Theme: Dark.

Dealing with the morons who built Dell 7710 and RAID

There is no clear documentation available online, so here goes:

- the cryptic device configuration option in the boot options is where you configure RAID.
- the morons who developed UEFI screwed all of us. If you have a full system image backup of lousy windows 10 - to restore that piece of steaming bullshit, your USB drive should be formatted for UEFI. Otherwise windows booted from a regular USB drive will whine that UEFI is not available.
- trying to add a option via the bios does not work

Lastly, to get the lousy RAID drivers to be able to install windows 10 on fresh drives, download the intel storage drivers from the Dell support website for the 7710. It will not say RAID anywhere, but if you download it and extract the contents to a USB drive, on recovery, when it asks for the driver, select one of the system information files and your raid drive will be visible now.

Thank you Dell support for not doing your job and not mentioning this information anywhere in a way humans can und…

RDC Manager showing remote desktop as too small on high DPI screen?

I was having issues with this using my 4K monitor.

To fix this, just right click on the RDC Manager icon > Compatibility > Check the below setting:

Override high DPI scaling behavior.
Scaling performed by:

Select System - for the option, this is the one which works fine.

The definitive guide on how to deploy a cloud service to Azure using PowerShell

This is a set of scripts:

deploy-all-async.ps1 > starts the deployment process asynchronously.
compile-all.ps1 > compiles all the projects synchronously
cloud-msbuild-compile.ps1 > compiles each project
cloud-deploy.ps1 > deploys the project to Azure


#To execute, cd to this folder and run:
# .\deploy-all-async.ps1

$ScriptPath = Split-Path $MyInvocation.InvocationName

#START COMPILE ********************************************************************************************************

$path = "$ScriptPath\compile-all.ps1"
Invoke-Expression "$path"

#END COMPILE ********************************************************************************************************

#START DEPLOY ********************************************************************************************************

$projects = @("clouddeploymentname1", "clouddeploymentname2", "clouddeploymentname3", "clouddeploymentname4", "clouddepl…

Massive bug in DataRow in .NET Framework

If the actual value of the timestamp column is 7080, notice how the datarow value gets flipped the other way when it is read into a DataSet!


Massive bug in the .NET Framework.

How do I create access control rules from code for an azure cloud service?

How to reinstall all nuget packages if there are issues after moving folders

Update-Package –reinstall

Querying the table storage by a timstamp column filter:

Timestamp ge datetime'2008-07-10T00:00:00Z'

- The month and the date have to contain two digits.